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Big Day
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 ϟ 7:50 AM ϟ 0 sweets
Assalamualaikum. I'm back and i will always be back. Hahahaha. So today is the history day where i finally got my spm result. Well even i didnt get what i'm targeted but i'm happy for making my parents proud of me Including my family. Thats all matters. I've meet all my teachers awhile ago cause i miss them so much. I just hope they wont forget about their one and only weird student. Hehe. 

The other reason is, things are settle between my friends. i'm glad cause i hate holding a grudge towards them. Eventhough all of us finally good but still there is awkwardness between us. I can feel it. And nobody can deny about it. It will be lie if they dont feel it. Like seriously. I've learn about this before, no matter how close you are to that someone, and things happened. and then for sure things will never be same like it used to be. your friendship will never be the same anymore. I'm surely know about it cause i have the experience. Hahahahah. however i've nothing to talk shit about someone nor i hate them. All i wish for my friends, is to have a good future. Thats all. 


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